MARPOL compliant and patented light weight EGCS.

PureteQ Maritime Turbo Scrubber is a high-tech, high alloy scrubber system for the purification of flue gas from maritime engines and boilers. Hydrodynamic fluid distribution ensures optimal absorption of sulfuric acid and particles (PM).


Installation of one of the two scrubbers fitted to the ferry MS Hammerodde in Oresund Drydocks Sweden. Click to learn more of how the PureteQ Maritime Turbo Scrubber functions.

PureteQ has developed, manufactured and patented an entirely new scrubber system for the purification of flue gas. With its hydrodynamic fluid distribution system, the PureteQ Maritime Turbo Scrubber outperforms most traditional scrubber systems in terms of weight, efficiency and build-in options. Each scrubber is designed and tailor made to fit costumer’s requirement and actual operations parameters. We manufacture open-loop as well as closed-loop and hybrid solutions.

A specially designed turbo quench allows for rapid and efficient cooling of exhaust gas prior to SOx removal, while temperature is reduced by more than 75% in less than 0.1s. In-build safety devices including water catch ensures that water do not damage existing installation. There is no packing layer in the scrubber, thus very little backpressure.

PureteQ specializes in ships with limited available space and a requirement for low weight, whilst maintaining a high efficiency toward SOx removal and PM reduction and low energy consumption.

We supply world class project management and turn-key solutions. Please visit our homepage for further details – www.pureteq.com.

PureteQ’s headquarters, testing facilities and production are located in Svendborg in the south of Denmark. Sales offices in Denmark and in Germany.

”We transform environmental issues into sustainable solutions”


Anders Skibdal, CEO
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Anders N. Jensen, Technical Director
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