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Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems - Your Questions Answered

Scrubber orders are accelerating and EGCSA is regularly asked for information.

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EGCS In The News

SULPHUR CAP 2020 - A Time For Solutions

Amsterdam 17 -18 April 2018

Across two days and seven sessions delegates were thoroughly briefed on regulation, port infrastructure and bunkering solutions, innovation in engine technologies, the owner, operator and shipmanager perspective, fuels and lubes,EGCSA initiatives and scrubber technology

Click to download insights on industry readiness for the 2020 sulphur regulations

Scrubbers' time has finally come

Scrubber Water Sample Point Specification

This free to download EGCSA guide aims to assist scrubber operators with the taking of water samples for consistent laboratory analysis and reporting of the quality of overboard discharges by providing a standard for scrubber system sampling points. Click to access

Introduction to the EGCSA

Don Gregory, Director EGCSA says:

“Welcome to our website – EGCSA believes that now is the time for the shipping industry to take stock of the commercial benefits that the industry has enjoyed on the back of globalisation and balance that against the need to invest in technology for a sustainable future.”

Don Gregory

Contact Details


8 The Island, Wraysbury, Staines, TW19 5AS, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1784 481151

Email: info@egcsa.com

EGCSA Full Members

Member companies of the Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems Association are involved in the development, design,  final installed configuration  and approval of turnkey exhaust gas cleaning systems to meet the current and future emissions regulations of IMO and where applicable additional regulations introduced by regional and national authorities.

Due to the diversity of exhaust emissions and technology solutions, Member’s technologies vary in operating principles, design, size, power requirements and ancillary demands. “One size does not fit all” so it is important to make enquiries with all the members in order to establish technology that will be most suited to your application.

EGCSA Associate Members

Associate membership is open to all companies, organisations or individuals that have an interest or are associated with exhaust gas cleaning technologies and a cleaner environment.

Membership Requirements

The EGCSA was established to help create a sustainable operating environment within the marine and energy industry sectors for exhaust gas cleaning system technologies, providing clarity and a rational voice for those companies interested in reducing marine exhaust gas emissions. EGCSA provides impartial technical information, advice and opinion on the many current and future issues and challenges related to emissions reduction and marine exhaust gas cleaning systems.

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Working together for a cleaner world

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