Wherever droplets need to be separated from gas flow, mist eliminators can do the job. But while the principle is simple, applying the technology efficiently and to maximum effect is demanding.

Munters have the knowledge and the experience to do the job. Munters have been refining the technology for decades, working closely with customers in a wide range of industries. The mist eliminator profiles are continuously assessed and developed as processes and conditions evolve. Design parameters for installations are evaluated using an extensive database and a powerful design program. The results are then laboratory tested in our R& D facilities in Germany. Our close attention to detail and the knowhow of our experienced employees have made us the leaders in this technology.

There are several different designs of marine exhaust gas cleaning systems available on the market and mostly they include a scrubber solution. With more than 2500 land based exhaust gas cleaning scrubber installations worldwide, we have knowledge needed to meet tough environmental requirements.

The mist eliminator is needed to ensure that the polluted mist does not continue out of the funnel. It is truly a critical component to ensure exhaust gases are cleaned from sulfur and particles, therefore quality cannot be compromised.

Munters is working with continuous innovation for Marine EGC applications and the product portfolio includes many different types of droplet separation such as; spin vane, 2-stage horizontal flow and the most commonly used vertical flow mist eliminator. Based on the customer requirements our R&D and application engineers suggest the optimal choice of technology and design.


Edward Verbunt
Industry manager Marine EGC

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