Alfa Laval PureSOx is a compact and highly effective scrubber system for removing SOx from exhaust gas. It allows continued operation on high-sulphur fuel while ensuring your compliance with Emission Control Area (ECA) legislation and the global sulphur cap.

As flexible as it is reliable, the PureSOx platform supports a range of configurations to suit the compliance needs, sailing profiles and physical constraints of the majority of vessels. Open-loop and closed-loop scrubbers are possible, as well as hybrid scrubbers with both open-loop and closed-loop modes. Likewise, scrubbers can be built with either a U-design or an inline I-design, depending on vessel needs. If configured with multiple inlets, one scrubber can handle exhaust gas from several sources, including the boiler.

Our worldwide support network enables Alfa Laval to support you anywhere with our experienced engineers. Saving you time and money by being there fast and fixing it the first time.

  • Sulphur removal rate >98% (exceeds IMO requirements)
  • Particulate matter (PM) trapping up to 80%
  • Compliance profiles to match vessel operating patterns
  • Open-loop, closed-loop or hybrid configurations
  • U-design or inline I-design
  • Multiple-inlet options to reduce the number of scrubbers needed
  • Water cleaning with demonstrated results and minimal sludge generation in closed-loop operation
  • Liquid or powder dosing options for closed-loop operation
  • Operating power consumption: approximately 1.5% of engine power
  • All delivered systems in operation today – more references and repeat orders than any other single SOx scrubber technology
  • Please follow the links below for a more in depth experience:

    PureSOx movie – On board experience

    PureSOx animation – The process

    PureSOx brochure


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