Built on 100 years of marine experience, PureSOx has been chosen for hundreds of vessels to date. But what matters more are the returning customers, convinced by smooth installations, proven results, and first-rate global service. They know PureSOx will keep them a step ahead.

PureSOx is a reliable and flexible solution that can be configured in three different operating arrangements: open-loop, closed-loop and hybrid. PureSOx is engineered for reliable and efficient compliance with a minimal amount of equipment – and minimal impact on the vessel’s structure.

Strong project execution

It takes both expertise and experience to get a SOx scrubber on board. Over the years, Alfa Laval has developed well-documented procedures to facilitate installation and class approval. PureSOx is delivered as prefabricated components and modules, with every aspect of its installation planned well in advance. In most cases, through strong cooperation and planning, a vessel’s total downtime can be limited to 2–4 weeks for a retrofit.

Scrubber expertise and development

Alfa Laval is at the forefront of marine scrubber technology, thanks to hundreds of successful installations over the past decade. PureSOx is continuously being developed, both on board our customers’ ships and at the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre, a unique research facility located in Aalborg, Demark. The centre is a full-size machine room on land, with complete process lines integrated around a 2 MW marine diesel engine. The PureSOx scrubber installed here can be pushed to its limits under controlled conditions, which accelerates both the speed and quality of testing.

Service and support for Alfa Laval PureSOx

Alfa Laval has an extensive global service network, dedicated to keeping you in compliance and helping you get the most from your PureSOx scrubber system. You can reach our Alfa Laval service experts 24/7, no matter where you sail. By taking advantage of their skills and support, you can rely on your PureSOx system for cost-effective compliance throughout your vessel’s lifetime.

There are many good reasons for choosing a scrubber to comply with SOx regulations. Alfa Laval PureSOx is the leading SOx scrubber system and the secure choice for peace of mind.

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