Danfoss IXA

Danfoss IXA is part of the Danfoss Group. Danfoss products are everywhere on the ship ensuring improved efficiency, safety and reliability.

We work in the challenging world of the marine industry, where a ship owner demands that a supplier contributes to improving efficiency, safety and reliability while reducing total cost of ownership. Danfoss is a single supplier who delivers on all these criteria and more.

For over 30 years we have been building and consolidating successful relationships with ship owner-operators, shipyards, system integrators, OEMs Naval design engineers and architects to make the marine industry safer and more efficient. Represented in all major marine hubs with full marine certification and global service, Danfoss is committed to creating a sustainable, competitive future for the marine industry.

At Danfoss IXA, we develop sensors and systems for the maritime industry, solving energy optimization and measurement of emission gases. Our sensor products are based on patented technology and are ideally suited for the global focus on energy efficiency and the environment.
Our products are designed for the maritime environment, and they are extremely robust and can precisely and continuously measure climate parameters and environmentally harmful gases and thereby provide valuable input for energy optimization.

Marine Emission Sensor
The Marine Emission Sensor continuously measures NOx, SO2 and NH3 indirectly (in situ) in the exhaust system. The sensor enables ship owners to monitor and document compliance with local and international emission regulations (e.g. MARPOL, NOx technical code from IMO). Furthermore, the sensor enables dynamic engine control, closed feedback loop for control of SCR after-treatment systems, and documentation of fuel shifting.

The widely tested robust sensor meets IMO’s requirements and reimagines emission monitoring technology with a path breaking approach. The user-friendly, maintenance-free, auto-calibrated sensor monitors emissions with data easily accessible. We envision the sensor to be an industry standard in the years to come.


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