Pacific Green Marine

Pacific Green Marine are proud innovators in scrubbing technology and have enjoyed more than a decade of experience in designing, planning, manufacturing, and implementing exhaust gas emission control systems around the World.

Pacific Green Marine’s patented emission control system provides the most cost effective flue gas scrubbing solution for HFO powered ships.

The ENVI-Marine™ process is a simple concept. The flue gases are first quenched, then cleaned by being frothed in a special way through pure seawater using our patented TurboHead™ process, before being polished through media and released as harmless salts. The system can also be used in a closed or hybrid loop mode.

Our patented TurboHead™ technology not only scrubs to the current new IMO regulations but also future proofs against the upcoming rounds of ever more stringent environmental demands. Our unique scrubbing process also has the advantage of capturing nearly all the particulate matter without the use of a constricting venturi.

Aided by research and design centres in both Vancouver and China, Pacific Green Marine have become market leaders by having the most efficient scalable and flexible emission control systems available.

When it comes to marine scrubbing devices, our joint venture with subsidiary of China state owned enterprise PowerChina SPEM provides quite simply the largest fabrication and manufacturing capacity in the World. We are totally focused not only on the demands of the new regulations that will come into force in 2020 but beyond that into the future.