LAB offers integrated De – Pollution Systems for exhaust gas and wash water according to the requirements of the Marpol Annex VI regulations to ship owners and shipyards.

The portfolio for Exhaust Gas Cleaning (EGC) comprises

  • Desulphurization, inline, offline and hybrid type – DeepBlueLAB™ SOx
  • Catalytic NOx reduction – DeepBlueLAB™ NOx
  • DeDusting
  • Wash water processing

The main focus of LAB is to design tailor-made solutions which are offering superior performance while they reduce at the same time:

  • Weight by the use of specific materials
  • Power consumption by the use of special washing technology
  • Additive consumption in closed loop
  • Visible Plume by using DePlumeLAB™ technology

LAB is a company focusing on exhaust gas cleaning since 1953 and has realized more than 400 scrubbers and SCR systems since. LAB technology is developed in our own technology center and is backed up by more than 50 patents. The first marine EGC installation dates back to 1961 and used a special dust separation system in the stack, the CycloLAB.

Today LAB is one of the leading companies developing and designing blue marine solutions.



Christian Fuchs
Vertriebsleiter / Sales Director

Bludenzer Str. 6
70469 Stuttgart

T: 0049 (0) 711 / 222 49 35 – 20
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