Langh Tech

Langh Tech designs and produces scrubbers for SOx removal from exhaust gases and water treatment units for closed loop scrubbers. The water treatment units can be delivered also in combination with other manufacturers’ scrubbers. This unique water treatment method enables continuous closed loop operation causing only a minimal amount of sludge and hence reducing waste removal costs. The efficiency of the water treatment method is recognised throughout the shipping industry from cargo ship owners to cruise ship operators.

The closed loop process is based on wet scrubbing with fresh water and using sodium hydroxide (NaOH) for neutralising sulphur. In open loop mode sea water is used in the exhaust gas washing process. The small and lightweight Langh Tech scrubber can replace the silencer. The scrubber and water treatment units are designed for both retrofit installations as well as new buildings.

In addition to component delivery, Langh Tech takes care of commissioning and offers installation supervision, crew training and after-sales services.

Langh Tech is one of the Langh companies, which also include ship owning Langh Ship, steel carriage and bulk containers from Langh Cargo Solutions and Industrial and Ship Cleaning Hans Langh. The knowledge for water purification originates from the industrial cleaning company.


Langh Tech Oy Ab
21500 Pikis

Laura Langh-Lagerlöf
Commercial Director
T: +358 40 583 8874

Jussi Katajainen
Sales Engineer
T: +358 40 521 4432