Global Marine SOx Emissions Regulation

This map aims to provide a comprehensive source of information on international, regional, national and local SOx emission regulation, together with guidance on the use of exhaust gas cleaning systems as an alternative method of compliance.

Click on a marker or ECA boundary line for a summary of the applicable regulation and EGCS use. Further more detailed information including supporting documentation, relevant correspondance and links to regulator websites can be found by clicking the link in the pop-up box.

If a there is no marker on a port and there is no information on the use of EGCS in the surrounding national or regional waters, it can be generally assumed that exhaust gas cleaning can be used without restriction. EGCSA recommends, however, that requirements are always confirmed with the appropriate maritime authority.

EGCSA welcomes any information on SOx controls, particularly if specific to a country or port. This can be sent to

To locate a port use the search facility then check for a marker with applicable regulation and EGCS guidance.
Where boundary lines or regulation markers are close together or overlap, zoom in for a clearer view and easy opening of the pop-up summary. Regulation markers can also be toggled on and off.
Navigation marks such as traffic separation lanes, buoys and lights are only visible at a high level of zoom-in. Navigation marks can be toggled on and off.