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Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) has been designing and manufacturing sensors and systems for aquatic environments for over 50 years, which includes developing environmental maritime equipment for Green Shipping Technology.  Our technology is setting the gold standard in delivering monitoring solutions that help owners, operators and regulators ensure that stringent national and IMO compliance standards for wash water from exhaust gas scrubbers are being met.

CTG developed Sea Sentry, a fully autonomous wash water monitor that ensures compliance with the hydrocarbon limits set for discharging the water used to clean emissions. Sea Sentry has obtained certification from DNV.GL and ClassNK. This certification provides assurance to shipowners and operators that all available measures have been taken to verify that Sea Sentry provides accurate and robust data to demonstrate compliance with IMO Annex VI wash water discharge regulations. It also underpins CTG’s commitment to achieving type approval for all of its systems.

CTG’s range of wash water monitors have been so successful that over 100 are now installed on vessels throughout the world, providing operators with the highest level of confidence in compliance thanks to the unique sensor suites & unprecedented build standards.  Another 70 systems are currently going through Production.

Through building strong alliances and partnerships we’ve quickly grown to be a global leader in green solutions for environmental monitoring and continue to work with regulatory bodies and associations to progress toward smarter, cleaner shipping.

These systems are capable of monitoring both open and closed loop scrubber systems, featuring CTG’s unique PAH and turbidity sensors with a de-aerator configuration. Sea Sentry monitors both the inlet and outlet of water, so that ship operators can be extremely confident that their scrubber systems are working effectively.


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