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CR Ocean Engineering, LLC (also known as CROE) is a leading air pollution reduction technology supplier offering a full range of systems customized to a client’s specific needs.  With its roots dating back to 1917, CR Ocean Engineering LLC (CROE) is the marine focused entity of one of the oldest and most reputable air pollution control companies in the world.  CROE’s global headquarter is located in Parsippany, NJ and it has shops and sales offices located across the globe.  It’s well proven, state of the art scrubbing system, offers the shipping industry a low cost, easy fit and highly reliability alternate to high sulfur fuel.  The CROE offers full process and mechanical guarantees with its scrubbing systems.  With a CROE scrubbing systems ship owners can continue using the lower cost high sulfur fuel oil even in the Environmental Controlled Areas (ECA).

The CROE scrubbing system is presently operating or being installed on bulk carriers, RoRo, Ro-Pax and cruise ships around the globe.  Other applications are also being considered.  The system is designed to be lightweight, small, efficient and cost effective.  It requires low backpressure, has an all metal construction, requires no bypass, replaces the silencer and can run dry.  A complete washwater treatment system is also provided as part of the scrubbing system. The CROE Scrubbing System is available in Open Loop (Seawater), Closed Loop (Freshwater) or Hybrid configurations (able to switch from one configuration to the other on demand).   When operating in ECAs, the CROE scrubbers will allow the shipowners to continue using the much lower cost HFO.  With the CROE Caustic Assist™ feature, ships can operate using seawater even when the alkalinity and salinity is very low.  In today’s very competitive shipping industry owners and operators need to take advantage of every avenue that is available to them.  Installing the CROE scrubbers and using the lower cost fuels can make a significant difference in a company’s competitiveness.



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