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For more than 90 years, Fuji Electric has been innovating the energy technologies at the root of society’s electricity use, from power generation, social and industrial infrastructure, and power electronics and devices, to food and beverage distribution technology. Our aim is to bridge the gap between energy concerns and the health of the environment.

After decades of working to optimize energy use and minimize environmental impact on land, where standards have long been strict, Fuji Electric is now extending its goal to the oceans, to meet a new frontier of environmental regulation.

The result is SaveBlue, a compact EGCS that ensures compliance with present and coming IMO emissions regulations with continued use of 3.5% sulphur HFO.


Some facts about the SaveBlue SOx scrubber:

  • By applying cyclone technology, Fuji Electric has created the world’s smallest scrubber at just 7m tall and 2m in diameter for a 10MW engine.
  • The world’s first and only cyclone technology scrubber, it removes more than 98% of SOx from marine exhaust gas.
  • A small footprint reduces disruption to ship stability and need for ballast water.
  • No filters for longer maintenance cycles.
  • 10% less exhaust gas pressure for better engine performance.
  • Open loop, closed loop, and hybrid models available.

When it comes to exhaust gas analysis, Fuji Electric’s SaveBlue laser gas analyser is rugged and engineered to give Scheme-B monitoring compliance while dealing with tough maritime conditions.

Some facts about the SaveBlue laser gas analyser:

  • It provides real-time, in situ monitoring of SO2 and CO2
  • It has 90% less volume than conventional sampling gas analysers.
  • Real-time analysis is advantageous, as it allows for optimal use of wash water, which saves money.

SaveBlue is just the beginning.

After decades of experience making tailored Environmental & Energy Management Systems (E&EMS) for multiple industries, Fuji Electric now aims to offer a comprehensive E&EMS for ships, including electrostatic precipitators, inverters, and more. The goal is a dovetailed, ship-wide system that ensures compliance with IMO regulations even as it optimizes power use for all onboard operations.


Fuji Electric SaveBlue Sales Teams

Itsuro Mita
T: +33 4 73 98 26 98

Junichiro Saito
T: +81-3-5435-7028

Website: http://www.fujielectric.com/products/saveblue/