Datalinks Instruments DTLI

Datalink Instruments DTLI is a french manufacturer of online water analyzers.
We manufacture all our analyzers in France with high quality standards and performance controls, to guarantee our customers long term measurement reliability as well as a long product lifecycle.

Based in Grenoble (french Alps), DTLI has been designing, developing and manufacturing water analyzers based on optical measurement since 1989.
Our expertise in optical measurement enabled us to develop reliable and rugged instruments based mostly on UV Absorption, UV Spectroscopy, and UV fluorescence technologies. We have supplied clients of many sectors such as Industry, Water production, Wastewater treatment and Marine, always striving to meet our customers’ needs.

We first got involved in projects for Marine scrubbers supplying oil in water analyzers for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) measurement.
We use UV Fluorescence technology for online oil in water monitoring for almost 20 years, and our oil in water analyzer FL200-H, has been adapted since 1997 for many applications in refineries, industrial waters, river monitoring programs, and now for washwater monitoring.

To supply Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems manufacturers for the washwater monitoring, we have designed and released a dedicated Washwater Monitoring Mystem for marine scrubbers EGCS. This analyzer provides an all-in-one solution for continuous monitoring and data recording of PAHs, pH and turbidity, in accordance with IMO’s RESOLUTION MEPC.259(68). The PAH analyzer is calibrated with Phenanthrene and measures PAHs as Phenanthrene equivalence (PAHphe), in accordance with the IMO EGCS Legislative requirements.

Many units already have been installed in ships, fulfilling the clients’ expectations for simplicity of use and low maintenance needs.

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Bruno Vilotitch, Technical Manager
Tel: +33 476 94 90 83

Souad Bouzida, Technical Sales Manager
Tel: +33 250 57 10 10