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When it comes to precision nozzles, nozzle systems and high efficient droplet separators, everything speaks for Lechler. With such a broad and considerable understanding of the industry and with over 135 years of development experience, we understand spray and separation technology like no one else. And with first-class quality and a close customer relationship, we also implement them. Lechler is engineering your spray solution.

As Europe’s No. 1 in spray technology, Lechler has years of experience in the shipbuilding and marine industries. We know exactly which droplets are needed for the exhaust gas cleaning in scrubbers and which droplets have to be removed from the gas stream in this process. Lechler is the only supplier, which offers both, precision spray nozzles for the exhaust gas cleaning process and droplet separators for elimination of droplets in the process. Our range of nozzles for cleaning droplet separators completes our package for scrubbers.

The basis for nozzle and separator development is exact measurements. The centerpiece of measurement technology is our new development and technology center, with our spray laboratory, which includes one of the most modern optical measurement methods. Using these modern technologies, our R&D engineers develop new solutions also for the marine and shipbuilding industries every day.

With our more than 135 years of experience in nozzle technology and our detailed process knowledge in the marine scrubber industry, we will find the perfect solution for your requirements. As a global acting company, Lechler is represented worldwide and can support you with regard to scrubber applications where ever you are.


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