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Green Instruments is a pioneer in exhaust gas monitoring and water monitoring for exhaust gas cleaning systems. With our many years of experience in designing and manufacturing monitoring equipment to the marine applications, we focus to provide simple, reliable and efficient solutions. We are able to meet precisely your requirements for exhaust gas and water monitoring.

Water Monitoring

Our G6100 Water Monitoring System is fully compliant with IMO resolution MEPC. 259(68). The system has achieved a marine type approval by DNV/GL, RINA and Bureau Veritas.

We can offer a total solution as well as a specified solution thanks to the modular designed of our monitoring system. A total solution includes the monitoring of PAH, turbidity, pH and temperature at both the inlet and outlet of the scrubber system. A specified solution will be upon your requirements. It might include other required parameters such as water density.

Exhaust Gas Monitoring

Our G7000 SOx/CO2 analyzing system monitors SOx/CO2 concentrations in emissions gas.  The system can be integrated together with the G6100 Water Monitoring system for a complete surveillance according to MEPC 259 (68).

The G7000 ensures your surveillance of the SO2/ CO2 emissions both in wet and dry, hot exhaust gases. The product is able to handle the high content of water mist and salt that is to be found in the exhaust after a scrubber. The system is designed for easy calibration and requires minimal maintenance.

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