16 May 2019

MPA Port Circular 11 of 2019 on reception facilities (which can also be downloaded at the MPA website here) classifies exhaust gas cleaning residues generated by ships as Toxic Industrial Waste (TIW), which must be disposed of ashore through licensed collectors, if offloaded in Singapore.

EGCSA Comment:
It should be noted that analysis by an oil major has shown that residue from exhaust gas cleaning systems is no more harmful than used engine crankcase oil.

The IMO Exhaust Gas Cleaning System Guidelines, which is now in its fourth iteration since 2005, requires that the residues generated by the EGC unit should be delivered ashore to adequate reception facilities. Such residues should not be discharged to the sea or incinerated onboard. However it has never been deemed necessary for the Guidelines to require segregation of scrubber residue from, for example, centrifugal purifier or oily water separator waste for specialised shoreside disposal.

30 November 2018

In an opening address to the Singapore Registry of Ships Forum, Maritime & Port Authority Chief Executive Mr Andrew Tan, presented the MPA’s plan for introduction of IMO’s fuel sulphur limit of 0.50% in 2020.

In his speech (the transcript of which can be found here), Mr Tan advised that “the discharge of wash water from open-loop exhaust gas scrubbers in Singapore port waters will be prohibited. Ships fitted with open-loop scrubbers calling at Singapore will be required to use compliant fuel. Ships fitted with hybrid scrubbers will be required to switch to the closed-loop mode of operation. Singapore, as a party to MARPOL Annex VI, will be providing reception facilities for the collection of residues generated from the operation of scrubbers.”

This is confirmed in the MPA’s publication A Guide For Ships Calling To Port Of Singapore, which can also be found on the MPA website here.

See EGCSA’s statement on this announcement.

Green Port Programme

There is no Emissions Control Area around Singapore and the fuel sulphur limits under MARPOL Annex VI apply, however the Green Port Programme offers a 25% discount on port dues to ocean going vessels using fuel with a sulphur content of 0.50% or less as of  July 1, 2016.

Port Circulars & Notices including updates on port limits coordinates can be downloaded from: