Yara Marine Technologies (formely Green Tech Marine)

Yara Marine Technologies (formerly Green Tech Marine) supply small, lightweight in-line scrubbers that replace the existing silencer and are able to operate in dry mode, open loop and closed loop as per customer requirements.  The scaleability makes the scrubber well suited for retrofit installations, minimizing costly rebuildings of casing and funnel.

The first full scale installation of a Green Tech Marine® Scrubber by Yara Marine Technologies was performed in the winter 2011-2012 onboard a cruise vessel, Liberty of The Seas, without taking the vessel out of service one single day.

The SMART CONCEPT ensures that the process always is optimized for low energy consumption, regardless of engine load, operating areas and sulphur content in the fuel.


Yara Marine Technologies AS
Drammensveien 134
Building no.6,
0277 Oslo, Norway

Phone: +47 47 88 85 44

Website: https://yaramarine.com/

E-mail: info@yaramarine.com