The complementary strengths of industry leaders Hamworthy and Wärtsilä combine scrubber and marine engineering expertise with entrepreneurial resources to provide a strong platform for future development, and to meet the growing environmental focus of customers around the world.

Our scrubbers are designed to provide flexibility and reliable operations wherever you operate. The systems are suitable for both new buildings and retrofitting of existing vessels having either 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines as well as oil-fired boilers.

Having the largest installed base of any marine sea water scrubber supplier and a dedicated test laboratory, we are able to optimize our product to be reliable, easy to operate and easy to install. All new technologies and developments are thoroughly tested before being released to the commercial market.

Our portfolio cover the complete range of scrubbers. Wärtsilä open loop scrubber system is based on the same technology used in Hamworthy Inert Gas systems for more than 50 years. The system operates in an open loop, utilizing seawater to remove SOX from the exhaust. Wärtsilä closed loop scrubber operates in a closed loop, i.e. the wash water is being circulated within the scrubber. The exhaust gas is being treated with fresh water that has been mixed with caustic soda.   If operation in zero discharge mode is requested, the effluent can be led to a holding tank for scheduled and periodical discharge. In addition to the closed and open loop systems, Wärtsilä also provides hybrid solutions. These solutions have the flexibility to operate in both open and closed loop modes. At sea systems can be run in open loop mode, and when maneuvering or in port they can be run in closed loop or even zero-discharge mode, with the separated discharge contained in a holding tank.

Wärtsilä can also provide complete ship designturnkey solutions with a performance guarantee and a variety of pump systems.

Did you know that Hamworthy is now part of the Wärtsilä family?

Hamworthy Krystallon had unparalleled know-how and experience from both installations in the field and from a dedicated test and development center in Norway. Considerable research and development investments have placed Wärtsilä in the vanguard of companies offering innovative technologies to boost energy efficiency and environmentally sound operation at sea.

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Heidi Marie Johannessen Paulsrud
General Manager Sales
E-mail: heidi.paulsrud@wartsila.com
Website: www.wartsila.com