TECO Smart Scrubber

Simulation equivalent to 20 years of operation successfully completed
New simple design developed by reputable European OEM partner

TECO Scrubber is designed for easy installation without the need to dry-dock, installation will take place during ships normal operation while the tower is installed at anchorage or alongside. TECO has extended experience from being involved in over 100 scrubber installations, and many lessons learned. Our Scrubbers are compatible with engines ranging from 5 – 60 MW.

A TECO Scrubber will return your investment within 4 – 6 months.


  • Scrubbing down to 0,1% Sulphur
  • Open spray layer (TECO) is more robust than a packed bed design
  • Open spray layer (TECO) is easier to maintain and operate compared to a packed bed design
  • Packed bed scrubbers could face challenges with regards to soot build up, causing clogging and higher backpressure
  • TECO scrubber is designed and tested for the worst-case conditions (400-degree dry run with 0-degree water start up)
  • Flow optimized design with the most advanced design tools used today, adopted from the automotive industry
  • Design is made based on market study where known weaknesses have been identified and addressed to provide a robust system
  • Scrubber production in highly recognized Environment, German producer with a long track record in scrubber production.
  • Produced in the highest quality corrosion resistant steel qualities such as SMO254 and Alloy31
  • Product is designed and simulated for ship expected lifetime.
  • The system is equipped with a smart data logging system enabling scrubber and vessel optimization
  • TECO can provide a turn/key package or tailormade according to owner’s requirements
  • TECO will provide worldwide service and follow up the installation throughout the lifetime of the ship
  • Short deliver time 2-3months
  • TECO life-time cycle program

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