Process Photometers from SIGRIST

For 70 years, SIGRIST has developed and produced optical measuring devices for monitoring the quality of a large range of process variables in many different industries, such as water, chemical, air or oil production, to name but a few.

Our objective is to make a substantial contribution and provide solutions for human needs, the environment and industry through our products.

Our photometers meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. They provide extensive customer value in terms of process optimization and continuous safety, purity and quality control.

The benefits include:

  • Increased productivity coupled with effectiveness
  • Assurance of consistently high quality of the end-product
  • Monitoring compliance to regulatory limits
  • Early detection of process upsets
  • Better environmental protection
  • Lowest cost of ownership

Monitoring Excellence in any application

Whether measuring turbidity, dissolved substances, color, oil or particulates, SIGRIST process photometers enjoy an excellent worldwide reputation thanks to the outstanding value they provide our customers.

Innovations for your processes

The innovative ability of our development team focuses on providing new devices with improved functions for measurement, operations, and signal processing. An efficient network facilitates the intelligent use of in-house and external knowledge. This results in products with high customer value and brand recognition – products that embellish the SIGRIST spirit.

SIGRIST is positioned as a manufacturer of prime products and is oriented to customers who are quality and cost conscious. In addition to recognized quality, SIGRIST photometers provide the lowest total cost of ownership.

SIGRIST – a fair and reliable Partner

It is the combination of our tangible and intangible value assets that makes SIGRIST so special.

Rigorous implementation yields the certainty that personnel, customer, sales partners and suppliers can all rely on SIGRIST. This partnership-driven interaction is the key to many years of trusting relationships.


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