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Puyi marine exhaust gas emission abatement project is hosted by MOT (Ministry of Transport) and its main R&D organization is Dalian Maritime University. It has been initiated by MIIT (Ministry of Industry & Information Technology) and MOF (Ministry of Finance) and obtained research & development fund ¥35 million.

Puyi has built ground-based exhaust gas treating laboratory based on HFO operation on board to accelerate research and development of new technology and new products and verify the reliability of support equipment.

Has obtained certificates of 6 main class societies, Puyi became the supplier who firstly realized installation of desulfurization equipment on board in Asia and obtained the most class certificates.

Technology Advantages

  1. Puyi EGC system includes open loop, close loop and hybrid system, which can meet requirements in different sailing emission control areas.
  2. Puyi scrubber tower includes I type, U type, single interface and multi- interface etc., which can meet installation requirements of different ship types.
  3. Puyi can provide seawater method, magnesium method, sodium method EGC system depending on different sailing areas and clients’ requirements.


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