Primarine offers a unique product portfolio for the reduction of emissions of marine diesel engines.

The Triloop© Scrubber reduces the SOx emissions of diesel engines combusting HFO containing sulphur.

Primarine’s SCR technology can be applied downstream of 4-stroke engines as Low-Pressure SCR or in-between exhaust gas collector and turbo charger as High-Pressure SCR of a 2-stroke engine.

Both DeSOx and DeNOx technologies can be combined to a high efficient exhaust gas cleaning system.

Primarine also offers fuel additives for the refining of fuel to

  • Reduce the emission of particulate matter
  • Optimize the compatibility of fuels of different sources
  • Enhance the stability of blended fuels
  • Clean the fuel injection system

Primarine located in Germany close to Hamburg combines German engineering capabilities with Chinese production efficiency.  With more than 700 hundred DeNOx Systems and over 500 hundred DeSOx systems delivered by Primarine’s mother companies Primarine can lean on a long term history and numerous experiences in the field of exhaust gas cleaning.


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