Irwin Group

Irwin Group is China’s leading manufacturer of polyethylene (PE) lined pipes and pressure vessels, offering superior, long-term performance in the acidic environment of SOx scrubber wash lines, water tight penetrations and overboard pipes as well as in the basic environment found in portions of hybrid and closed loop systems.

Every PE lined spool is rotationally lined creating a PE plastic pipe inside of the steel pipe. A PE lined steel pipe combines the superior corrosion resistance of a 3-10mm thick layer of polyethylene while leveraging the advantages of robust and classification society compliant steel pipe construction.

Engine room scanning, isometric drawings and cost-effective sea freight allow Irwin Group to export PE lined pipes globally from their cost effective Chinese factory as well as provide PE lined spools to turn-key engineering companies, vessel owners and dockyards in China.

Possessing the largest rotational lining oven in the world in our China factory, Irwin Group can PE line spools up to 6000mm in length with a diameter up to 2400mm.  Pipes with difficult geometry like multiple elbows and branches are particularly well suited to the rotational lining (rotoling) process.

Subject to a provision of isometric drawings, Irwin Group offers a 5-year replacement guarantee on all PE lined spools for SOx scrubber wash lines, water tight penetrations and overboard pipes.


Irwin Group (factory location)
Building D, No. 6 Changshan Industrial Zone,
Liulian, Pingdi Street, Longgang District,
Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China

David Schaus
Technical Director

T: +852 5128 3422