Hyundai Heavy Industries Power Systems

Since inaugurating the Boiler Business Unit at Hyundai Heavy Industries Industrial Plant & Engineering Division in 1978, Hyundai Heavy Industries Power Systems has supplied CFBC, HRSG, Utility, and Industrial boilers to domestic and overseas power plants, chemical plants, and oil refineries.

To strengthen this business specialty, we were created as an offshoot of Hyundai Heavy Industries and became a subsidiary of it in August of 2018. We will not only expand this opportunity and our range of mutual growth with customers by providing better quality and higher performance boilers, but we will also diversify our business portfolio by entering into the eco-ship market such as with the marine SOx scrubber.


The HHI-Scrubber effectively removes sulfur and harmful particulate matter from the ship’s exhaust gases. The extensive ship building expertise and years of EGC system R&D experiences have led HPS to possess the optimal design and installation techniques of EGC system.

Strengths of HHI-Scrubber are in the followings;

Smaller & More Flexible Body Dimension

  • By Designing Rectangular-shaped Body

Durable & Cost-effective Material

  • By Using 254SMO for Full Body

Less Electricity Consumption

  • By Optimizing Pump Arrangement

Rigid R&D Capability

  • By Support from HHI Corporate Research Center

Reliable Production Capability

  • By Partnership with Proven Partners such as Hyundai Electric, YHHI & Sejin HI, etc

Broad A/S Network

  • By Cooperation with Hyundai Global Service


Young-jin Yoon

Leader of Scrubber Sales