Hoyer Motors

Hoyer Motors is a value-adding partner within electric motors for marine applications. With 20 years of experience in the industry we have gained deep market insight and our motors are thus designed for the demanding maritime environment.

In recent years we have had a keen focus on motors for wet scrubbers and our organisation is therefore well-prepared for the increased market demand. Through strong partnerships with market-leading OEM’s and maritime classification societies we offer a unique setup that has allowed us to be the preferred supplier of electric motors for scrubber system applications.

Our energy-efficient IE2 and IE3 Hoyer marine motors are primarily used for all the pumps and fans in the scrubber systems. Due to the collaboration with market-leading scrubber manufacturers, we have achieved detailed knowledge of the applications and supplies electric motors that comply with the special market requirements, technically as well as commercially.

As delivery time is key in the scrubber market we have established a large proactive stock of scrubber motors, ready for fast deliveries. The motors can be modified to meet special customer requirements within one week. At Hoyer Motors we work closely with the classification societies such as ABS, LR, KR and Rina. These partnerships are crucial for smooth deliveries of classified electric motors which is further supported by our in-house testing centres in Europe and Asia.

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