The company FiberSol GmbH was established in 2016 as a group of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) manufacturing companies.

FiberSol is a German private owned group with its head office in Hamburg and sales office in Eschweiler. The group currently has two manufacturing companies.

Nuova Sguassero is an Italian manufacturing company located in San Giorgio di Nogaro near Venice.

This company has more than 60 years of experience in the production of Glass Reinforced Material. More than 60 new building Cruise ships were equipped with Nuova Sguassero material at Fincantieri alone and many others at shipyards around the world.

Nuova Squassero manufactures pipes, fitting and prefabricated spool and is also highly specialized in custom made solutions like Tanks, Collectors and Strainers.

KP-Plast was established in 2011 and is located in Košana, Slovenia. KP-Plast is also a full scope manufacturer of pipes and fittings. With a dedicated workshop for pre-fabrication, KP-Plast is our prime location for marine projects for prefabricated spools.

The benefit behind the FiberSol Group is that we can supply our customer with high quality materials, a short delivery time and a competitive price. It is with this in mind that FiberSol took access to and control of the different manufacturing plants, while retaining all sales & project management functions within our German Sales Office.

All factories manufacture according to the FiberSol FiberMarine specification and are covered by our FiberSol Marine Type approvals.

All Marine piping systems are built according to our ‘Full Vacuum Resistant’ philosophy as a minimum specification.

All FiberSol FiberMarine Piping Systems have a fire endurance according to IMO 753 (18) Level3

We supply:

– GRP pipes and fittings.
– GRP prefabricated spools.
– GRP seawater strainers/mud boxes.
– GRP tanks, collectors and other custom-made solutions.
– All consumables, including glue, lamination materials & flange gaskets.

– Engineering support for spool design and piping supports.
– Training and certification for bonding & laminating.
– On-site supervision.
– Logistics services for all project shipments.

FiberSol GRP piping can be used for:

– Scrubber systems
– Ballast & bilge systems incl. BWTS
– Inert Gas systems
– Cooling systems
– Fuel and oil transfer systems
– Sounding and ventilation systems
– Crude Oil Washing systems
– Pool systems
– Sewage & sanitary systems
– Black and grey water systems
– Purge systems
– Fire fighting systems


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