Ecospray Technologies

Ecospray Technologies systems guarantee excellent quality for both air and water.

Ecospray specializes in the research & development, design and marketing of innovative technologies for air and gas cleaning and/or cooling in many industrial applications & power plants. In the marine industry, Ecospray offers ECO-EGC, a proprietary multi-pollution Exhaust Gas Cleaning system, which allows ship-owners to fully comply with the increasingly strict IMO regulations in terms of SOx, particulate and NOx emissions in ECA’s.

In addition, besides the abatement of the emissions in the atmosphere, the Ecospray systems ensure excellent water quality also, in order to minimize the impacts of navigation in ports and coastal areas.

This double benefit can be achieved by reducing virtually to zero the uncombusted hydrocarbons with the installation of a ECO Jet-CDF Catalytic Dry Filter (and/or an ECO-DOC Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) before the DeSOx tower, ensuring no polluting discharges into the sea and no PAH into the combustion fumes that typically fall back into the sea.


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