A stamp of quality – customers can expect high standards from EGCSA members

As the 10th anniversary of the founding of the EGCSA approaches, it is gratifying to report around 1,000 globally trading ships have fitted or ordered exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS). The figure amounts to 100 ships per year of EGCSA’s existence or about 5 ships per year per EGCSA member.

Clearly the larger companies have the lion’s share of the installations and order book but nevertheless the dogged persistence of EGCSA members will now hopefully provide a return to their investors, no matter the size of the member company. It will not be super-profits. The shipping industry has been spoilt on low cost ships and equipment for too long. That will have to change in a world where steel work will in future have to be complimented by sophistication if the industry is to meet the raft of new environmental requirements.

EGCSA prides itself with its code of conduct which was a founding principle of the organisation.

Shipowners are likely to spend more than $20BN over the next 5 years on EGCS. Although they will no doubt get bargain price installations, as customers they also deserve and should expect a high standard of quality and reliability from their investments. With that in mind the EGCSA is planning to expand its Code of Conduct to create a “stamp of quality” expectation when customers deal and undertake commercial transactions with EGCSA members. The technology is still quite new and may appear relatively unsophisticated. In reality dealing with the main propulsion system exhaust is not a trivial undertaking. The implications of incorrect material selection, poor installation, ineffective controls are all areas where the consequences extend from grave to expensive and in some cases a significant human cost. Thus, the ambition to commit to a quality standard will have real value for customers and enable them to make selections in the knowledge that their risks are significantly diminished when contracting with EGCSA members. EGCSA will seek to work with the shipowners’ organisations to establish a satisfactory and practical set of quality criteria that would become the expectation to be met by EGCSA members.

Don Gregory

Don Gregory

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