Watch the installation of a scrubber unit on DFDS Finlandia Seaways

Watch the installation of an Exhaust Gas Cleaning System scrubber on DFDS Ro-Ro vessel Finlandia Seaways at Fayard shipyard in Denmark.

The video above shows the scrubber unit being retrofitted inside the existing funnel, where it replaces a section of the exhaust system of the 12.6MW main engine.

The scrubbing system is open loop. The scrubber unit is reported to have a dry weight of 11,800 kg, with an exhaust gas flow capacity of 88,000 kg/h. Its dimensions are 7.4m high by 3.6m x 3.1m. Materials of construction are Duplex EN.EN1.4462 and Super Duplex EN1.4410 steel.