Triton Emission Solutions Inc.

Triton Emission Solutions Inc. develops and markets environmental and pollution emission control solutions to a worldwide market.

The Company’s proprietary  DSOX-20 Fuel Purification Systems, and the Company’s exhaust gas scrubber technology, NJORD, are cost-effective technologies designed to reduce harmful chemical emissions into the ocean and atmosphere in an effort to meet the increased emissions regulations that came into effect on January 1, 2015. These technologies are currently aimed at the maritime industry which includes vessels for cruise-lines, freight shipping and tanker companies and can be installed during normal vessel operation without the need to use expensive dry dock time. These technologies have worldwide applications that are not limited to the maritime industry.

Triton Emission Solutions has developed a new exhaust gas scrubber (The NJORD ) as the latest addition their emission control solution for the maritime industry. NJORD is a hybrid exhaust gas scrubber that can operate in either in a closed loop configuration or as an open loop configuration. Minimal back pressure and no chemicals. Adding to its flexibility, Triton’s NJORD can be used either as a standalone solution or as a complement to the DSOX-20 fuel desulfurization system.


Our DSOX-20 fuel scrubber is a pre-combustion desulfurization system, which utilizes our proprietary and proven technology as its foundation. By integrating this proven platform with additional new proprietary technologies, which react and release the sulfur in the fuel, our DSOX-20 system is able to scrub and wash the sulfur from the fuel. As a byproduct the system also removes other harmful alkali metals such as vanadium, sodium and calcium.


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