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Babcock Noell is a leading supplier of desulphurization systems and environmental technologies worldwide. With 40 years of experience, the services of Babcock Noell range from developing, planning, delivering, and commissioning up to operating the delivered plants and the relevant equipment. Babcock Noell has planned and built many desulfurization units for power plants and industrial facilities in recent years. This experience forms the basis for the development of a desulfurization system for marine vessels.

Watch the video of our 1st installation on a tanker:

For the development of Scrubbers for maritime applications, we rely on the proven wet process which we have successfully implemented many times onshore: due to its compact design and as seawater is used, this washing procedure is both particularly space-saving and energy-efficient. The strict regulations of MARPOL-Annex VI are fully observed by the Scrubber-system of Babcock Noell.

Our Scrubber systems are generally applied as hybrid systems on vessels: the hybrid systems combine Open- and Closed-Loop operation within one scrubber unit. Our customers benefit from the opportunity to switch between both operation modes, depending on shipping routes and the corresponding statutory regulations. Of course it is possible to install only a Closed- or an Open-Loop Scrubber. The system concepts of Babcock Noell also allow flexibility during execution: The Scrubber can be implemented as Single-Line or Multi-Stream.

Our experts are pleased to advise and provide you with an individual profitability calculation tailored to your particular requirements and needs. Free of charge and without any obligations. Convince yourself of the benefits!

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